Thursday, December 11, 2008

what was in the 'book of the dead?'

the book of the dead was well..a book that Egyptians used to remember ting....things such as....prayers,hymns, and spells. yes spells, and if your thinking about potions and brooms.....THINK AGAIN!! nope, instead, they used the book for protecting the dead and the spells were to protect them in the after-life, and it let them know how to act in front of the gods, and the weighing of the heart. the weighing of the heart was when the gods would decide if they were going to send you to the after-life or not.... NO PRESSURE!!!

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  1. haha good voice! I used to think that the spells were like potions and brooms,man was i wrong. So i learned that they used the book of the dead for protection