Monday, December 15, 2008

why did they call the dead westerners?!?!?!

okay.... if you are good at guessing.... you might get this one.. the ancient people of Egypt had called the dead westerners because they buried the dead on the west side of the Nile river.. no not right on the edge... that would be Gross... imagine drinking water that someone died in!!!!! any way.. they were buried on the west side of the Nile because they thought that when the sun had set every single day...... that it had died. if you want my opinion, i would hate to die every day! I mean, you die, live a few hours,then you die, live a few hours.....die.... yeah not to exciting!!

how was the idea of the book of the dead come up??

well, before the book was made up....they just wrote on the coffin itself...(when i first heard that the first thing i thought was woooowww coloring on a dead person.) after a few years the coffin had gotten pretty full. their was no more room for more spells.. so some genious dude said "hey lets make a book!!" and then.... well then their was the book of the dead. actually the book of the deads first name was "coming of the forth."

What did the book of the dead do for the ancient egyptians?

well, the book of the dead mostly concentrated on protecting the deceased in the after-life. But, it also holds other important things like....instructions on how to take care of the dead in there tomb or sarcophagus, how to pass the weighing of the heart, and how to act in front of all the gods and goddesses.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

what was in the 'book of the dead?'

the book of the dead was well..a book that Egyptians used to remember ting....things such as....prayers,hymns, and spells. yes spells, and if your thinking about potions and brooms.....THINK AGAIN!! nope, instead, they used the book for protecting the dead and the spells were to protect them in the after-life, and it let them know how to act in front of the gods, and the weighing of the heart. the weighing of the heart was when the gods would decide if they were going to send you to the after-life or not.... NO PRESSURE!!!

when did the egyptains use the book of the dead?

okayyyyy.....this is pretty self explanitory!! I think most of you will already know this anwser...if not...HAVE NO FEAR SHELBY'S HERE!! Well, the book of the dead was used after the person died.... hint hint "book of the DEAD' actually I take that back.. they living people had also used the book.. they had used for protecting the dead in their tomb or sarcophagus if you will. yep, the bokk was definetly used more than once, and used by more than one person....

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